Spoonie Support

Spoonie support.

Spoonie Support is a Facebook group that has been created especially for those who suffer from chronic/invisible illness, and also for friends and loved ones who know/care for someone who suffers from chronic illness. There is no one type of chronic illness that the group focuses on, it has been created in mind with every chronic illness there is. It has also been created in mind with an understanding that many of us with one chronic illness will also have more than one.

Doing more.

Although we do give back to the community by writing about our illnesses and raising awareness, we wanted to do more. So, we decided to create a closed group for us spoonies to communicate, give support, motivate, and inspire one another. (And also to rant and whine as much as we want with no judgment.) At the present moment, we are only a small community, as we have just recently launched the group, but we hope that in time our community will grow.

Admin roles.

As admins, Claire and I will try to be as active as possible on all our social media accounts. Please remember and respect that we also have our own personal life struggles. Sometimes, it might take us a little longer than usual to get back to you or to comment on posts, etc. Please also remember that we want this community to be a private and peaceful place where we feel safe and free of judgment. Claire and I will always put your personal privacy and security first. We expect members to do the same to each other. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, please take a quick glance at the group rules, and we’ll let you know how to join.

Group Rules.

We’re really pleased to have you here! We hope all members and supporters of Spoonie Talk will be long standing, supportive and helpful members of our community. We also encourage you to communicate often and build friendly, positive, healthy relationships with other members. To ensure this group runs smoothly and stays peaceful, we do have a few rules for you to follow. If you do not abide by our group rules, then you will be removed from the group. (So try not to break them, because we really want you here!)

 *P.S From time to time we may change and/or update the rules. So please check often.


Last updated: September 8th, 2017.



Do not copy and paste anything written in this group for use outside the group – this includes screenshots and reposting. This is a closed, private group, and we expect it to remain that way. We will do everything in our power to keep your privacy safe. However, please be wary of sharing sensitive, personal information, such as phone numbers, addresses, and so on. We advise you NOT to do this.

Exception for screenshots: Please see rule number 9.

No public shaming/bullying/harassment.

We will not tolerate any kind of hate, discrimination, or judgment of any member of our group. This is not the place to gossip. If you have any kind of biased opinion, ignorance, or issues with race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation, then do yourself a favor and leave. We are a chronic illness support group, and we will not tolerate ANY kind of hate speech.

No promoting.

This means you may not: (unless given permission by an admin)
– post affiliate links to your products, on the page or within the comments.
– Post to promote your website or social media platforms.
– Create threads for promotional purposes. Eg – Link sharing.
There will a dedicated thread each Monday for you to advertise your products, website, business, and social media platforms. We are doing this once a week because we would like to encourage any spoonies who are running a business or selling their own products, or run blogs, etc. So please use the thread provided on Mondays, and please don’t post or advertise on any other day, as we would like the group to be clean from spam.
 – Exception: If someone is asking for help, and you have a post, product, or service that you think may help, then you may post a link to that product, post or service.

Posting upsetting material:

If you are posting a comment/question/thread, that may upset someone, like topics such as death, relationships troubles, mental health, intimate information, or perhaps a post containing a lot of cursing, please be sure to use a CW (Content warning) or a TW (Trigger warning) and leave ample space between your warning at the post. For example:
CW/TW (Swearing and talks of my mental health)





Your post here.

Innactive members:

Every so often we will remove inactive members. We will let you know with an admin post if we are going to be removing people. We would like all members to be at least somewhat active, and not just spectators.

No pornographic material.

A total NO. And if you have to ask why, don’t join – or leave.

Private messaging.

If for some reason you would like to PM someone from the group, please create a post first to make sure it’s okay that you do. Otherwise, keep your posts on the group page.

Family and friends.

Please be aware that we also welcome family and friends of peoples who suffer from chronic illness. We are allowing this because, as sufferers, we also understand the hardship and stress our illnesses can cause our loved ones, and they also need support.

Rule breakers.

If you happen to witness any of the behaviors going on, please notify us ASAP. And if possible, take a screenshot of the witnessed behaviour to share with admin, and admin ONLY. This way we will have proof of any rule breaking.

Leaving the group.

Once you are in, YOU CAN NEVER LEAVE!!!
I’m kidding. BUT, if you do decide the group isn’t for you, please drop us a quick message to let us know why you are, and how we can improve. We value your feedback.

That’s it! If you follow these rules, we’re sure that you’ll find this group a warm, supportive and friendly place to be – and hopefully, you’ll find that little bit of extra support you need to get you through your days


To join, please fill out the form you see below. Once you confirm your email address, a link will be sent to you. This link will take you to the support group. Request to join and Claire or myself will happily approve you.


Thank you so much for becoming part of our community and supporting us.

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