Tips to help you get the bathroom clean with minimal scrubbing!

Bathroom cleaning chronic illness tips

The bathroom is an area of the house I really hate cleaning.

My bathroom can go from clean to looking like a swimming pool changing area in a matter of minutes! Three young boys always forgetting to lift the seat and not looking where they’re peeing, getting more water out of the bath than on themselves, putting tissue paper in the plug hole. (Anyone else’s kids do this?) Then there’s the splattered toothpaste and soap and … you get the idea. (Don’t get me started on the toilet) *Shudder*

So what can be done to make cleaning the bathroom easier? Because no one enjoys scrubbing the toilet…am I right? Add chronic illness to the mix and it becomes something made of nightmares. Speaking of nightmares – this post has been a pain to write. It seems that there aren’t many shortcuts when it comes to getting the bathroom clean when you have a disability. Damn. But don’t despair, because here a few ways to cut cleaning and scrubbing time. And if all else fails, sod it.

**As always, don’t rush yourself. Take your time. Do things in baby steps – don’t over exert yourself. Be sure to wear gloves, too! This is so important to those of us with immune system problems – the bathroom can harbour all sorts of germs that we don’t want on our hands.**(Little tip. use different coloured gloves for different areas of the house.)


All you need is vinegar.

Seriously. White vinegar is literally all you need to make your bathroom clean, sparkling and germ-free. It’s the best thing I’ve come across so far, and it (almost) gets rid of the need to scrub.

Did anyone know that cleaning the toilet tank was actually a thing? No. Me either.
Here’s what I found: Get some white vinegar, (the bigger the bottle, the better) Take the lid off the tank of your toilet, and pour the vinegar in – as much as you can. Just be sure to allow at least an inch of space between the water level and the top of the tank. Leave it for about five-ten minutes, then flush! That’s it.

Add some more white vinegar into the toilet bowl instead of using a chemical cleaner! It works just as good!

More vinegar!!

The rim of the toilet – grossss. Who want’s to know what’s lurking up there? I don’t. But it’s probably overdue a clean, right? You could use bleach that has a targeted nozzle to get beneath the rim. But you’ll never guess what is just as good, and chemical free…Okay, yeah, you guessed it.

Soak tissue paper in white vinegar and stuff it under the rim of the toilet. Leave for as long as you can, but a minimum of ten minutes – then use your toilet brush to remove the tissue paper. Give it a little wipe and flush. Whala!

The brush.

How about the toilet brush? Are you guilty of having one that’s probably dirtier than your toilet? To keep your toilet brush clean, tip in some bleach, or an all-purpose cleaner, into the holder, then pop the brush back in. This keeps your toilet brush nice and clean. If you have little ones about, use vinegar instead!

Mildew and mould.

Mildew and mould are much more likely to grow in the bathroom than anywhere else. This is due to condensation that hasn’t been able to escape. Firstly, you’ll want to have a preventative method in place: keep the window slightly open. Obviously, in winter, opening a window whilst bathing/showering isn’t a great idea, especially for those of us with immune disorders. If you have an extractor fan, make sure it is on.

I’m beginning to annoy myself with writing the word vinegar – but there it is – if you have mould in the grouting of tiles, or on the sealant around your shower or bath, use some warm soapy water to remove what you can. Pop some distilled, white vinegar into a spray bottle, and sprits it alllllll over the mould. Leave for about 10 minutes, then rinse. This is a great chemical free method.

However, there is one product that I tried, and that I now use, for mould and mildew. I really love this, because it literally eliminates the need to scrub. Just spray it on the affected area and leave for 5-10 minutes, and it vanishes. AMAZING. Check it out here. [[Amazon_Link_Text]]  (If you have respiratory issues, I’d recommend sticking to chemical free and DIY products – or wear a mask and open any windows.)

No more soap.

Do you still use bars of soap? Is soap scum a problem? If so, consider ditching the bars of soap and swapping to liquid soaps/body gels, etc. This will prevent soap scum.

Shower head.

This is probably one of the things we neglect in the bathroom. But we all know how gross they can look when they haven’t been cleaned for a while – or never cleaned…well, there’s no scrubbing required. Get yourself a sandwich bag that is large enough to fit around your shower head.

Fill it with half a cup of white vinegar and two teaspoons of baking/bicarbonate soda. Wrap the bag around your shower head and use an elastic band or hair tie to fit it into place. Turn your shower on to add a little water. Leave this overnight to get any shower scum and debris off of your shower head!

When life gives you lemons, use them!

Cut a lemon in half and buff it over your taps to get rid of any watermarks. This is especially useful in hard water areas! You can use this in the kitchen also!

Cleaning products.

If you keep all your cleaning products in one place, like downstairs under the kitchen sink – consider leaving certain products upstairs in your bathroom. This way, you won’t have to be going up and down the stairs to get different cleaning items.

Try out some natural, eco-friendly cleaners, or make your own at home. Some of us with chronic illness need to be extra careful with what we expose our skin (and lungs) to – if this is you, be sure to ditch to chemical cleaners. If you still want to use certain cleaners, wear a mask and use gloves.


Have you got any tips, tricks or hacks to use when cleaning the bathroom? Comment below, I’d love to know!

Sending lots of spoons and love your way!

Stacey x